What is solar cell module

The smallest indivisible solar cell assembly device that has encapsulation and internal connections and can independently provide direct current output is called solar cell module or solar panel. The solar cell array is composed of many single solar cell components (also called single solar cells) in series or parallel or simultaneously in series and parallel. And the single solar cell (solar cell module) is composed of many pieces of silicon crystal sheets through a certain installation structure. This is because the current and voltage (only about 0.48V) that a single cell can provide is limited after all, and the output power of a single cell is only 3 to 4W at most, which cannot be applied at all. So people connect many cells (usually 36) in series to form a solar photovoltaic panel, also known as a single solar cell module. At present, the largest specification of laminated modules on the market is 220W, and the smallest is 5W.

The reason why the solar cells are packaged by special materials and special production processes to form modules can be used because a single solar cell is thin (only about 200μm in thickness) and fragile; in addition, if the silicon solar cell is directly exposed to the atmosphere, It is susceptible to corrosion from the atmosphere, especially humid air; dust, hail, wind and sand will also fall on the surface of the battery, resulting in a decrease in battery conversion efficiency, and battery electrodes will also oxidize, rust and fall off, and even cause battery failure.

Some solar cells are divided into different modules according to different cell types, and some are divided into different modules according to different packaging materials and processes, or according to different uses. Since solar cells made of crystalline silicon solar cells still occupy the largest amount, here only Introduce various solar cell modules made of crystalline silicon solar cells.

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