Category: Sun and solar

We will introduce the definition and characteristics of the sun and solar energy in detail.
Solar energy is the source of light and heat and the source of all life on the earth. It gives all things light and warmth with endless energy. The energy used by mankind, whether it is fossil energy, biological energy or natural energy, comes directly or indirectly from the sun. All the food that humans eat contains the energy of the sun. It can be said that without the sun, there would be no things in the world. The sun and solar energy are so important. Below we introduce the definition and characteristics of the sun and solar energy in detail: the physical parameters and composition of solar energy, the source of solar energy, the transmission and radiation of solar energy, the storage method of solar energy, longitude and latitude The determination of the twenty-four solar terms, the solar constant and the solar spectrum, the definition of the solar altitude angle and azimuth angle, the calculation of the solar altitude angle, the influence of the solar altitude on the power of the earth’s solar energy, the significance of the solar altitude on the use of solar energy, the sun Direct radiation, scattered radiation of the sun and total solar radiation, air quality, ground radiation, direct solar radiation, diffuse solar radiation and total solar radiation, solar radiation intensity, sunshine time and sunshine hours, solar radiation The conversion relationship of energy and so on. Hope to bring you harvest and experience.